Why do we fight at all?

Its the little things that make us fight. Its those things that break us.

Pundits say that a relationship without confrontations is incomplete. Well excuse me, I don’t share that line of thought.

When I was young, my imagination of love and relationships was purely influenced by fairy tales. And you can’t blame me but childhood fairy tales really took a toll on me. I imagined enjoying the perfect love story. However, that was far from what I have experienced so far.

Relationships form a prime part of our lives. When a guy says he is in a relationship, he expects his partner to stick to him no matter what situation they go through. Be it financial problems, health issues or daily stressful issues. A guy expects that one soulmate that will never leave.

However, these days it is close to impossible to meet that one person sent from heaven. “Relationships are tough.” That’s what my friends tell me every time we meet. I expect to find that one person who will help me sort out my bills, take care of me when I get sick, help me cater for both of us. Is that too much to ask?

Women these days complain about everything. This is what brings up fights in the relationship. Take this for instance, if a glass falls to the floor for the first time, it chips at the rim. The second time, it drops a crack develops from the effect of the first blow. The third time, the crack expands further. Lastly, it shatters to a thousand pieces. This is why I hate it when people fight in a relationship.

When you fight everyday over small issues that can be solved very easily, you develop cracks in your relationship. Those cracks are a sign of trouble.

So is it wrong for me to expect a fairy tale relationship? I don’t think so.

Your relationship is a fragile piece of glass. Take good care of it.

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