World Earth Day 2018. What it means to me.

The planet Earth, our home. Many people fail to understand the significance of the global Earth day initiative. Honestly speaking, I am also a victim of such ignorance. “Why do people waste their time and resources hosting events worldwide in the name of Earth day?” I would wonder. Now, 19 years down the line, I finally understand what its all about.

When your room is disorganized and dirty, with litter in every niche, how do you feel staying in that environment? Uncomfortable right? Maybe even disgusted. This is the same situation. Over the decades, global development in industrialization has caused drastic consequences. The green house gases effect, global warming and desertification being just but a few issues facing humanity at the moment.

All that aside, this year’s theme is “End plastic pollution”. Plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic wraps have littered the earth’s surface to the extent that it has become a global issue. This year, we make awareness of this fact and urge everyone to participate in preserving Earth by recycling, reusing and proper disposal of all littered plastic.

This is the significance of World Earth Day 2018. Now that you all know what Earth Day means, make an effort to celebrate this day by doing something in favor of Earth.

Ok whisperers, keep your ears alert for more from the one and only, Brian.



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