When the mallet sounds…

via Daily Prompt: Mallet

International media has a powerful impact on society. Everyone knows this fact. However, in mass communication, there are other  branches such as social media and published blogs. Published blog is my fascination. I name this “the mallet”. We bloggers make a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. Just like a judges mallet, our word is final.

I don’t mean to brag but this is a fact. The whole idea behind an audience following a certain blog is because once they read something from that particular blog, they just can’t have enough. They want to have access to more.

A wise blogger understands the importance of this phenomenon and how to tip it to their advantage. Quality, rich content is the trick behind success in blogging. They formulate every post with the professionalism it deserves. The essence of a blog is to connect to its audience, be it formally, poetically or in a fun, youthful tone. All these sum up to the power of a mallet. All bloggers should write in line with the positive drive to the society. What do I mean by this? Promote positivity always.

You hold a power tool in your hand. Wield it wisely.

Don’t conceive this article as a demotivator. We are all in this mates.


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