“Babe”, a piece of the old, cute, country Taylor.


Taylor Swift, one of the most celebrated musicians in the world has had a major transition in her music over the years. She began her musical career with country music as her signature genre. After a very successful period of country music and being able to garner a massive global fan base, she slowly ventured into pop music. Her success in pop music is sensational.

Just recently, Thursday night to be more precise, T-Swift gave her fans a taste of her musical history when she released a new song called Babe. Yes, she did. “Babe” is an epic collaboration with country music duo Sugarland, with Taylor being the actual author of the song. This country tune was slated to come out on the 2012 album “Red” then six years down the line, here it is.

Jennifer Nettles, one of the lead artists of Sugarland couldn’t hold back. Here’s what she had to say: “This collaboration is the perfect combination of mutual admiration for great songs. As artists, we really see the world through a similar sense.”

Taylor Swift fans had missed old Taylor and now have a chance to check out “Babe” and enjoy Taylor’s old self.

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