King and Pawns (Kenya’s Political Issue)

Hon. Raila Odinga visits the former president of the republic of Kenya H.E. Mwai Kibaki at his Muthaiga home.

Over the past few weeks, Kenya’s political ground has shown signs of a major shift. It all began with the famous handshake between former political rivals H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon. Raila Odinga. That handshake opened doors for more correlation between members of rival political affiliations in a bid to foster unity in Kenya.

Just days after that redefining moment for Kenya, we begin to notice action by the big fish. Political heads such as the former prime minister Hon. Raila Odinga and the deputy president Hon. William Ruto traverse the country in a bid to form political alliances this early in the game.

Hon. Raila Odinga has attended meetings with iconic politicians. Among them are the second president of Kenya H.E. Daniel Arap Moi, the third president of Kenya H.E. Mwai Kibaki, Hon. Moses Kuria, former governor William Kabogo and Gov. Mike Sonko. Do these meetings harbor a different agenda other than unity formation?

The deputy president also has a hidden agenda up his sleeve. He has been on a tour of the country, launching projects and attending harambees. It is not clear whether these visits across the country are completely developmental. But trust me, Hon. William Ruto’s reputation as a cunning, wise leader precedes him. He has been to the coast region where he surprisingly swung coast leaders, then to the western region where he also impressed the local society. I guess, this remains as a wait and see situation.

Political lines are still being drawn ahead of 2022 general elections. Pawns are still being moved and the games have just began. Even though it is still a long way to 2022, one can never prevent man from making an effort to alter their future.

Let the game begin…

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